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New year, new sewing projects!

Julie Therrien

At the beginning of the year, it's the perfect opportunity to take stock of what has been accomplished in the previous year and to set new goals for the new one that begins. This introspection is also present when it comes to sewing. We reminisce about our various projects, those we may have failed at times, but mostly those that made us proud. We think back to the new patterns we tried, the "favorite" fabrics we finally dared to cut, and the new techniques we experimented with. We remember the pride that filled us when, for example, we successfully made our first double needle topstitch and the even greater joy of seeing the smiles on the faces of those to whom we offered our creations. This is what makes sewing so enjoyable: the feeling of being able to push our own limits in such a rewarding creative process.

Every year, I have the habit of setting myself a few goals. Even if from year to year, they end up looking alike, they evolve at the same pace as my knowledge and skills. So here are my 5 "resolutions/challenges/goals" for the year 2024.


Better document my creative process

I know that many sewing enthusiasts keep a journal to note their inspirations, make sketches, and record the different projects completed. For my part, for the past few years, documenting my creations has been limited to coloring the days when I finish a sewing project on a calendar. For the past two years, I have also made it a habit to note the number of pieces sewn. Even though the initial goal of this process was not necessarily to increase my productivity, I have still been able to see that I am sewing more and more, which is motivating. This year, inspired by a friend, I have decided to buy a planner to further document my process. Each month, I want to write down the projects I want to complete, my inspirations, and set myself a personal challenge. It will be a great way to document the pieces I have cut, the patterns used, and when they were completed.


Sew more  

This year, with my friends, we set ourselves the challenge that for every half meter of fabric purchased, we had to sew double the amount. To make my calculation easier, I decided that to "deserve" the right to buy half a meter of fabric, I had to have sewn two pieces. It remains to be seen if this is a realistic challenge considering the beautiful new items available to us at NON NON OUI!


Try new fibers

I am quite conventional and I sew very few fibers other than jersey and French Terry. With this in mind, I would like to sew new projects using fibers I have never used before (like in this photo where I tried Jacquard-Jersey for the first time). A few times a year, I would like to work on a project with fabrics that I am less used to using, such as canvas, flannel, or chiffon for example. Since woven fabric does not have the same characteristics as knit fabric, it will be a great opportunity to test new patterns at the same time.


Sew and/or collect more of my scraps

I can't be the only one whose scrap bin is getting bigger and bigger. This year, I'm challenging myself to find different projects to use them, whether it's for sewing or upcycling. Seeing the beautiful projects made by other seamstresses, there is no shortage of ideas. Patterns with beautiful "colorblock" can also be very inspiring.


Make at least one project that completely pushes me out of my comfort zone

I often find myself facing a new pattern and doubting my abilities to complete it. This year, I want to dare more and try new techniques that scare me. In my case, I rarely dare projects that involve buttonholes or zippers. As hardware for bags has caught my eye for some time, I believe that the project of making a backpack or a messenger bag would be perfect to achieve my fifth challenge.


Finally, when it comes time to set goals, the important thing is to make sure they motivate us and push us to exceed ourselves. Even if by next December 31st, they are not all achieved, we can still be proud to have spent another year in the wonderful world of sewing. 

And you, what are your goals for the year 2024?

Julie Therrien xoxo

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