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Easy tutorial: the keychain

Noemie Zicat


There are several free keychain patterns, so we are not reinventing the wheel here! However, the tutorial we offer has been adapted to our 25 mm carabinersThis product is available in the online store, and has been tested and taken everywhere to check its usefulness and durability. We can now say with certainty that it is ultra practical and that it is a quick, easy, and durable tutorial! We love it! 


You need: 

- A piece of 36 x 10 cm Quilted cotton or poplin

- Un 25 mm carabiner

A piece of 34 x 2 cm ofFusible non-woven interfacing

- 10 minutes of your time (that's awesome!)


Étape 1:

Fold your piece of cotton in half lengthwise, iron it, then unfold it.

Étape 2:

Fold your fabric so that the long edges meet in the center, where you previously made your fold. Iron.

Étape 3:

Insert the piece of interfacing as shown in the image below and press to fix it, following the manufacturer's instructions.

Étape 4: 

Fold your fabric into a strip of 2.5 cm using the previously formed folds and insert the 25 mm carabiner.


Étape 5: 

Form a circle with your band and sew the ends together with a 1 cm seam allowance. 

Étape 6: 

Open your seams and press. Then close your band. 

Étape 7: 

Pinch each side of your band, closest to the edge. 

Étape 8: 

Connect your 2 bands together as close as possible to your carabiner to prevent it from moving. 




You now have a beautiful keychain to keep or give as a gift! And maybe even some time and desire to make more?


Happy sewing! xox



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