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What to sew for teachers?

Julie Therrien

The end of the school year is approaching and it is often an opportunity for students to offer a small token of appreciation to their teacher. However, this time of year can quickly become a headache for parents who are looking for the perfect gift, one that will stand out from the traditional mug or box of chocolates. Although it is the thought that counts, when the gift has a personal touch, that is what makes it unique. It is therefore obvious that a handmade gift becomes the ultimate gift, especially if the children have been involved in the creative process by choosing the project or fabric, for example. To inspire you, I therefore suggest ten sewing gift ideas for teachers.


A decorative banner

If you haven't already noticed, a decorative banner pattern is available for free on the website No No YesThis is a beautiful gift to offer so that the teacher can decorate their classroom the following year. You can personalize your banner with heat transfer vinyl or even with a drawing that your child will make on it. To complete this project, you will need woven fabric (the lin or Cotton quilt are beautiful options), of the rope And a wooden stick (you can find them in hardware stores, among other places).


A keychain

As teachers often carry different keys with them and they are "the key" to your children's success, a handmade keychain is always a nice option. The one that goes around the wrist is always well appreciated. NON NON OUI also offers a tutorial right hereTo make this gift, you will need woven fabricInterfacing and a carabiner.


A hair scrunchie

For teachers with longer hair, scrunchies are always appreciated, as the school environment makes it preferable to tie up hair, especially in elementary school. Although several tutorials and free patterns can be easily found on the Internet, Frédérique Morin shared a pattern and a tutorial on the store group. To make it, you will need the fabric of your choice (knit fabrics can also be suitable) andelastic.


A bookmark

Several teachers are fans of stationery and/or reading. A bookmark can be a nice gift. The Free pattern de Made for Mermaids is a great option as it can hold two pencils inside. I can easily picture this cute bookmark paired with a notebook or a beautiful card made by the child. Since it only requires a small amount of woven fabric and a tiny bit of elastic bias, it can be a cost-effective option.


A card holder

One easy option that is sure to please every time is of course the gift card. The teacher can then treat themselves with an item of their choice. However, it is not the most original or personalized gift. To remedy the situation, you can sew a small pouch to hold the gift card. This pouch could then be reused to hold other cards, tissues, or stickers. The blog You make it Simple propose one Free pattern And a tutorial. To complete your project, you will need woven fabric. Coloring cotton drawn by the child could be a nice way to further personalize this gift (It could also be used for other projects such as the keychain for example). You will also needentoilage for better hold and Snap buttonsIf you wish to add a small item to the pouch mousqueton which would allow it to be attached to a bag for example, Made for Mermaids suggest Free pattern able to offer the same function. 


A book sleeve

Requiring essentially the same material as the cardholder, but in a format that can accommodate a book, a book sleeve can be a beautiful gift for teachers who mostly enjoy reading. If not, this sleeve could still be used for other purposes. Once again, Made for Mermaids suggest one Free patternIf you prefer a more padded vertical model, this Free option can also be interesting. I can imagine it well in Quilted cottonYou will need bouton and an elastic to close it. 


A doily 

When I saw the Quilted cotton or, the coated cottonI immediately thought of making a placemat that can be rolled up to put in the lunch box. If you want to make a model with a pocket for utensils, Aude Couture suggest one Free pattern and tutorial on his YouTube channel. To make it, in addition to fabrics, you will need biais, d’une zipper closure At least 11 inches long and a ribbon or string to create the attachment. For more support, you can add a entoilage.  If the project seems too ambitious, it is always possible to make a doily by cutting two rectangles of the size of your choice that you will sew right sides together, leaving a space to turn the fabric. Once you have turned the fabric right side out, all you have to do is topstitch all around to close the opening and add a nice finish to your doily.


A storage box

By doing my research, I discovered the YouTube channel The world of Mélou. Several very interesting sewing projects are presented there and the one that caught my attention for teacher gifts is the storage box multifunctional. This is a perfect gift to store all the small accessories that can often clutter teachers' desks. To make it, you will need woven fabric, de l’Thick canvas et de l’Thinner interfacing.


A tote bag

Teachers are known to have a lot of materials to carry. Whether it's books or stacks of papers to correct, a large tote bag is a wonderful gift to give. Made for Mermaids propose again Free modelbut if you want to invest time and money, The Bookish Tote CraftOwlHandMade on Etsy is a more elaborate option. To make this kind of bag, you will need canevas, de straps and a mousqueton If you wish to add a keychain inside the bag. By interfacing your fabric, the bag will have more structure.


A pencil case

Several teachers love having different pencils to correct or annotate their material. Having different cases to store everything is always welcome. By doing some research, it is easy to find several free tutorials available on YouTube. Double cases are often well appreciated. model Offered by Nathalie Couture Easy semble intéressantFrom même que that Offered by Madalena Couture. In both cases, you will need woven fabric. canevas Maybe a good option to add more durability to the product. For more strength, it would be relevant to interface the whole thing with the interfacing of your choice. A thicker interfacing will ensure that the case will hold up better. You will also need two zippers 30 centimeters.


Feel free to check out the free patterns sections of your favorite companies or search for sewing tutorials on YouTube to find other inspiring ideas. In conclusion, as a teacher myself, I can tell you that what is most important is the appreciation that lies behind small gifts. The amount spent is not important, and your kind words often hold the greatest value. Furthermore, if you are interested in sewing gifts for teachers but would like to be guided in your creative process, know that sewing classes Specially designed for this type of projects are currently available at the store.

Happy sewing!

Julie XOXO



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