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What to sew with flannel?

Julie Therrien

Flannel is a soft and warm fabric, perfect for cooler seasons. Whether you are a beginner or more experienced in sewing, flannel offers many creative possibilities. Always looking to try new fibers, it quickly became clear to me that I had to dare to use flannel. I have long associated this fiber with the most comfortable sheets I had on my bed from late autumn, but it was time for me to vary its uses. I was inspired by the comfort and softness of this type of fabric to present you with some ideas for sewing projects with flannel.



Without much surprise, the first idea that came to my mind is that of nightwear. Since flannel is a fabric woven from 100% cotton with fibers brushed to give it a cozy and warm look, its comfort is perfect for all pajama patterns designed for woven fabrics. On English websites, the mention "designed for wovens" will confirm that it is a good pattern to use with flannel. Here, I have realized the Greenstyle Lounge Pants in short pants and in long pants for my daughter.


Most skirt patterns that require a woven fabric can also be made with flannel. I can easily imagine the Lowland Pocket Skirt, la Cosette skirt by Peek-a-boo ou encoreHello Evergreen Skirt by Samantha Marie DesignMoreover, Natacha Massicotte recently made a beautiful one.

Since my daughter is not a fan of skirts, but that was what inspired me the most with flannel, I opted for the skirt of a dress. Here, I did River of Simple LifeEven though the pattern is designed for knitting like jersey, I often dare to use woven fabric for the skirt only. Moreover, having already tried it with standard woven cotton, I would not hesitate to make the skirt from it. Mandarin or that of Jujube Made with flannel.


There is no doubt that flannel is also an excellent choice for making shirts. With the checkered patterns that are often found for this fabric, the combination is easy to make. In this case, I have created the Samantha Marie Design's Kodiak which is also made for adults. 

I admit to being inspired by the one Kate Rivard had made for her daughter with the pattern of the Shirt Jacket by Peek-a-Boo at the beginning of the year.


I haven't sewn a tunic yet, but it's definitely a project on my list when I think back to the one made by Noémie. She had used the pattern Dover Dolman by Patterniche to achieve this beautiful result.  


A scarf

Upon seeing the organic flannel from the Mammouth Organic collection, I also felt like using it to make a scarf. Since the backside features the same pattern as the front, it would simply be a matter of cutting a rectangle of the desired length and sewing a finishing seam on the sides to have a beautiful scarf. 

And what to do with the scraps?


The small fabric scraps that could have easily been left abandoned after sewing my pajama pants were enough to create my daughter's new favorite washcloths. I just had to cut squares from the remaining scraps and do a simple finishing stitch on each side. Lined with terry cloth, they could also have become pretty makeup remover pads.

Hair accessories


The long rectangular strips can be perfect for sewing beautiful scrunchies. Here, I improvised a bit with the pieces I had left, but Frédérique Morin offers a beautiful pattern on the group NON NON OUI with a explanatory videoOne can even add a loop.

In conclusion, flannel offers endless possibilities and its softness is worth exploring in different ways. Feel free to type "flannel" in English on English websites in the search bar of your favorite pattern companies. You could easily find inspiration.

Looking forward to seeing your flannel creations soon!

Julie xoxo

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