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All about cotton poplin

Noémie Zicat

What is this ?

Cotton poplin is a particularly dense, slightly satiny and fluffy fabric, as easy to care for and resistant as cotton itself. This is a very tightly woven fabric made from two cotton threads of different thicknesses. It is this weaving technique that gives the fabric its shiny and creamy appearance. Poplin can also be made from other materials, such as wool, silk, viscose, polyester, or a blend of fibers.

At the time, probably around the 12th century, poplin was made from silk and wool. It was widely used for furniture: the weft yarn was in twisted wool and the warp yarn in silk. Remember that “the weft thread is a thread placed in the direction of the width. Its opposite is the warp yarn, arranged lengthwise. It is the intersection of these two threads that gives a fabric” (Wiktionary). As the weaving of this fabric is made tighter and the wool thread is thicker than that of silk, there are therefore twice as many silk threads. It is this mixture of yarns that gave the fabric its surface punctuated by fine transverse ribs. It is again this mixture of threads that made this fabric possess the warmth of wool and the softness of silk.

What can be made in cotton poplin?

Because it prevents the risk of irritation and allergies , it is used, among other things, in the manufacture of sheets and children's clothing. As poplin is a versatile, comfortable and light fabric, it is also used to make blouses, bodices, dresses, coats, not to mention tablecloths and sheets. In short, we use poplin like we use cotton!

Birch Fabrics Organic Cotton Poplin


Poplin is sturdier and more durable than quilting cotton. It will not warp or pill over time. Easy to care for, you can wash this fabric and machine dry it. Poplin wrinkles less than quilt cotton in the wash, but you will still need to iron it.

Cotton poplin has an advantage over its competitor, the cotton/polyester blend poplin: that of being more absorbent and more flexible . Its main advantage, however, is that of being hypoallergenic .

The making

Cotton poplin is recommended to be sewn with cotton or polyester thread and a fine needle. Sharp scissors will save you a lot of trouble when cutting! You can starch the fabric to stiffen it if it is too slippery.

Free patterns!

Here is a small list of FREE patterns perfect for using our organic cotton poplin!

And finally, a last pattern, which is not free but which I particularly like, is the Frank & Tie bow tie pattern! Try it in poplin, you will see the result is amazing!

Frank & Tie bow tie


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