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Something new for the whole family!

Noémie Zicat

A collection that matches and complements each other, to make it an ideal collection for the whole family! It is proud that we present these new fabrics printed at our request in Europe. These colorful and lively patterns are offered on organic jersey as well as Oeko-Tex French Terry. Let yourself be inspired by the magnificent creations of our ambassadors!
Pattern: Kids Grow With Me Pajama from Ellie and mac

Men's and boys' sweater pattern: Laurent de Jalie.
Women's sweater pattern: Hannah from Sonia Estep Design.
Girl sweater pattern: Jujube from NNO

Pants pattern:Taylor joggers from Lowland Kids
Sweater pattern: Lowland Kids Half zip

Toque pattern: Riley Twist Beanie from The Goods Design
Neck warmer pattern: Slouchy scarf by Menta

Left sweater pattern: Oversized sweater from Lowland Kids
Right sweater pattern:Lowland Hoodie by Lowland Kids

Pattern: Lowland KidsCurved Hem Tee

Pattern: NNO Papaya

Boss: Milly de Sinclair

Pattern: Peek-a-Boo Youth Parker Pullover

Floral Pants: Lowland Kids Jogger
Small Line Pants: Lowland Kids TaylorJoggers

Boss: Lotte of Sinclair

Pattern: Summit peak from Pattern Niche

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