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In the woods - New collection NON NON OUI!

Noémie Zicat

Even though summer is just around the corner, I thought you'd like to have a fall collection now to plan your back-to-school confections in advance! What could be better than the holidays to quietly sew beautiful outfits to wear for that famous first day of school or for school photos.

This NON NON OUI collection is completely exclusive and created by wonderful illustrators: Mira Garressus and Claire Eddie.

Happy shopping!

Skirt pattern: Bonny Leggings of
Made for Mermaid.
Sweater pattern: Rainbow Dolman (modified) from Lowland Kids


Bottom boss: Tie top romper from Lowlands
Top boss: Bubble Gum of NON NON OUI

Boss: movie night by Sew a little seam

Pants pattern: play pants by Gus and Steel
Top boss: shawl by Gus and Steel

Leggings pattern: Leggings by Gus and Steel
Top boss: Tangerine Dress (modified) from NON NON OUI

Boss: Pinnacle by Peek-a-Boo

Top boss: Tenley by Peek-a-boo
Pattern leggings: Stella by Jalie

Boss: Personal

Skirt pattern: pocket-skirt from Lowlands
Top boss: Ilona by Samantha Marie design
Bottom boss: Sloane knee high socks by Simple Life

Top boss: peplum top (modified) from Lowland
Leggings pattern: Leggings by Gus and Steel
Loop pattern: book bow by Samantha Marie design

Leggings pattern: peg leg by Fathers for Pirates
Hoodie Pattern: saturday by Peekaboo

T-shirt pattern: Drop Shoulder Tee by Gus and Steel

Boss: poppy by Made for Mermaids

Top boss: Litchi of NON NON OUI
Leggings pattern: Stella by Jalie

Top boss: drop-shoulder by Gus and Steel
Bottom boss: summer lounge by Gus and Steel

Boss: autumns by Simple Life

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