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Olive - Recycled Cotton Cable Knit

Olive - Recycled Cotton Cable Knit

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The price is per half meter

1 = 1/2 meter
2 = 1 meter

Cable knit in recycled cotton

Width: 150cm
Weight: 200gsm
95% recycled cotton 5% elastane

Washing: Machine wash cold or warm on gentle cycle with like colours. Tumble dry low, or better hang dry, which will extend the life of your fabrics.

Cable knit in recycled cotton imported from Europe, top quality and certified Oeko-Tex. Extensible (4 way stretch), ideal for making evolving pants, hoodies, sweaters, dresses, etc. To inspire you, join us on Facebook!

Thread arrangement: Gütermann #775

Serger thread arrangement: Lichen green 1500m